Innvik is situated in the middle of everything that can be enjoyed during a great vacation in Norway.

​Knowing this area like the back of our hand, we have taken the liberty of presenting a few round trips out of Innvik.

Roundtrip Nordfjord

Innvik – Sandane – ferry Anda-Lote – The Panorama Road (Panoramavegen) – Stryn – Lake Loen – Lodalen/Oldedalen – Innvik.

Roundtrip Vestkapp – Selje Cloister

Innvik – Stryn – Nordfjordeid – Maurstad – Åheim – Leikanger – Selje – Selje Cloister – Almenning – Nordfjordeid – ferry Lote-Anda – Sandane – Innvik.

Roundtrip Briksdalsbreen

Innvik – Olden – Oldevatnet (optionally by boat) – Briksdalen – Singerheimen – Innvik.

Roundtrip Sognefjorden, Bremuseet and Astruptunet

Innvik – Skei – Fjærland – Sogndal – ferry Hella-Dragsvik – Gaularfjellet – Astruptunet – Innvik

Roundtrip Geirangerfjorden

Innvik – Stryn – Hornindal – Hellesylt – ferry Hellesylt-Geiranger – Dalsnibba – Strynefjellet – The Old Stryn Mountain Road (Gamle Strynefjellsvegen) – Stryn – Innvik

Roundtrip Trollstigen

Innvik – Stryn – Hornindal – ferry Stranda-Liabygda – Sjøholt – Ørskogfjellet – Tresfjord – Åndalsnes – Trollstigen – Valldal – ferry Linge-Eidsdal – Ørnesvingen – Geiranger – Strynefjellet – Innvik.

​On some of these excursions you’ll have to cross the fjords by ferry, in other places you might care to spend a few kroner on an entrance fee or an extra meal. Please contact us in advance if you’d like to know more about these extra costs.

You may of course do these round trips on your own, but we advise groups to book a local guide for a day’s excursion or three while in Innvik.

”The Norwegian scenery speaks for itself, but some times an additional explanation comes in handy”, says our guide company. Ask us about prices, rates and fares.

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