Cultural activities

Norwegian Glacier Museum

Fjærland lies 85 km from Innvik. Ivo Caprino film from Jostedal Glacier. Bøyabre Glacier is an arm of the Jostedal Glacier that is visible from the road.

Nordfjord Folk Museum

Nordfjord Folk Museum has a considerable collection of cultural historic buildings and objects from all of Nordfjord. Includes the traditional Holvikjekta vessel. The museum is located at Sandane, 40minutes from the hotel.


About 55 km from the hotel. Exhibition of the renowned artist Nicolai Astrup’s works.


The trip can be combined with a drive around Lake Jølster, to Eikås Gallery. On the way home we recommend a stop at Audhild Viken’s weaving studio at Skei where you can buy top quality Norwegian handicrafts (open all year round).

Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre

At Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre in Oppstryn you can, via film, video, data programme and models, learn about the glacier and landscape that has been formed from water and ice. You can also book guided hikes and glacier tours here.

​Anders Svor Museum

Anders Svor Museum exhibits many of his best works. Svor was regarded as one of the most promising sculptors in Norway in the early 1900’s.

The Vingen field

The Vingen field in Bremanger is one of the biggest and most distinctive primitive rock drawing fields in Northern Europe. Around 4000-6000 years old!


William Henry Singer jr. (1868-1943) was an american artist and millonaire heir who settled in Olden. His home is kept in the same condition as it was in Singer’s time, and the “Studio” has many of his pieces on exhibition.

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